Yezhi Plaster Beads Co., Ltd.

主营行业:Plaster Beads
公司类型:Co Ltd
公司规模:1-20 employees
销售产品:Plaster Beads

Visit us for Corner Beads and Trims from China Yezhi Plaster Beads Co.

Round corner bead, drywall corner bead, metal corner bead, stucco corner beads, bullnose corner beads and expanded plaster beads---All metal bead and casing beads come from Yezhi Plaster Beads Co.

Established in 1955 for the sales and exprot of plaster corner beads, we have concentrated on developing and manufacturing of a wide range of corner beads or draywall plaster in interior and external uses.

It is our mission to provide products based on reasonable prices and high reliability. We always try to meet client needs and closely following market trends. We are committed to providing top quality products at competitive prices manufactured with high priority to quality.

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Yezhi Plaster Beads Co., Ltd.

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